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      cocktails and more

      " I don't know what reception I am at, but for God's sake, give me a gin and tonic!"  Dennis Thatcher

      A cocktail for all seasons

      Cocktails do not have to be complicated!  With just a few simple ingredients (and a fantastic gin!) you can make something delicious and impressive!

      We have a selection of cocktails for you to try, just click the link below to find the recipes and instructions.  



      Shaking the perfect cocktail!

      Driftwood Orange Zest

      Tip 1

      Ice! Make sure you have a lot of ice; to cool your glass, and for shaking!  

      Driftwood Orange peel

      Tip 2

      Shake or Stir? Shake when you want a cooler drink or more dilution in the glass from the ice shards!

      Driftwood Cinnamon

      Tip 3

      Syrup! Always make your own simple syrups! They are easy to make and flavour is more intense

      The Perfect G&T

      Many chase the dream of the perfect gin and tonic and yet it is relatively simple to achieve!  

      First, you need ice and lots of it.  Next you need to know your gin!  What botanicals are used to make it?  This will help you to pair it with the perfect tonic! Chose flavours that compliment each other.  If you have a citrus styled gin, chose a citrus based tonic.  

      Next the quantities. For thirst quenching go for a ratio of 1:3. That 50ml gin to 150ml of tonic water.  

      Finally your garnish.  Again, chose fruit or spices that compliment the botanicals.  Once you know these four principles, simple can be seductive, or you can pimp up your G&T with confidence!


      Featured Products

      Chow Hound Gin
      Chow Hound Gin
      Chow Hound Gin
      Chow Hound Gin
      Chow Hound craft gin

      Chow Hound Gin

      Rose Finch Gin
      Rose Finch Gin
      Rose Finch craft gin
      Rose Finch Gin

      Rose Finch Gin

      JVS Gin
      JVS Gin
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      JVS Gin
      JVS Gin

      JVS Gin

      Donkey Jack Gin bottle front
      Donkey Jack Gin bottle front
      Donkey Jack Gin bottle back
      Donkey Jack Gin with ice
      Donkey Jack handcrafted gin

      Donkey Jack Gin


      monthly cocktail club

      Gin is a very versatile spirit and there are many amazing cocktails that you can make.  Sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start, but if you join the Driftwood Monthly Cocktail club, we will help you out.

      Every month we will send you a box of goodies; which you can use to make your very own Driftwood Cocktail.  Each month you will receive a different recipe card, with easy to follow instructions.  

      We will introduce you to bitters, simple syrups and gin liqueurs, help you to know when to shake and when to stir.  Of course there will be a Driftwood gin and a special cocktail glass for you to serve your creation in.



      Bitters have long been linked to cocktails but only recently come back into crafty fashion! Originally used as medicine, bitters is a high alcohol proof liquid, flavoured with roots, herbs and spices.  Originally designed to prevent malaria, bitters although still just as intense are now made with many flavours to enhance and compliment your cocktail.  

      Here at Driftwood, we have made four cocktails to compliment the four seasons you will find in the Netherlands.  Chose from a floral spring, a citrus summer, a herbal autumn or a warm winter chocolate.

      And bitters don't just have to be used in cocktails.  Add a drop or two to your favourite gin and tonic to give it a little added extra!

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