Directions – Driftwood Distillery
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      Driftwood Distillery, Gin tasting

      Ready to Join?

      Thank you for booking a Driftwood Distillery gin tasting.

      You have your tickets, you are ready to go, but.. do you know where you are going?

      Driftwood Distillery is located on Vliegkamp Valkenburg airbase. Its quite a secret location and you will need to follow the directions closely to find us! If you look for the signs to the Hangaar Theatre or Soldaat van Oranje, you won’t go far wrong!

      Please do plan sufficient time for your journey, it is easy to get lost.. and we have to start promptly at the starting time of your ticket as we run a number of gin tasting sessions at the weekend and we don’t want to rush you!

      If you are coming by car: We are at the top of 1e Mientlaan, Katwijk, 2204CA. You will need to announce your presence at the security barriers and the guards are very friendly and will let you in. Go through the barriers and follow the road around to the right. We are in Building 326 about half way down the road on the right. There is parking behind the distillery.

      If you are coming by bus, bike or on foot: Good for you! That has earned extra some gin points! The bus is number 90 ( and it will stop at the bottom of 1e Mientlaan. You will need to walk up to the top to the Security Barriers and you will also need to press the intercom, at the Drivers pillar and announce that you are coming to Driftwood Distillery. Then the friendly security guards will let you in. Again, follow the road around to the right and we are in Building 326, about half way down on the right hand side!

      Driftwood Location, Katwijk